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August 2016

There would not be an Aquinna Goldens, without my sister-in-law and good friend Mary (Marja in Finnish). Her initial guidance and effort, finally convinced me that Golden Retrievers were indeed, the best! Her Golden Woody, from the time he was a young pup, possessed an extraordinary calm and golden temperament that was unmatched. I also learned that these goofy males can be both loving and intelligent. Regretfully, Mary passed away after a valiant battle with cancer in May of 2011 and her beloved Woody died five months later. Their absence serves as a reminder as to just how precious and fragile life is. They will be missed by so many, but will continue to inspire and motivate me every time I enter the ring.

Our dogs are owner-handled in all events. Though we got a relatively late start to the world of dog shows, we have managed to put 30 titles (and counting) on our dogs. To achieve this, you need a driven, intelligent dog and an owner willing to commit to many hours of training! In addition to competing in AKC/UKC point shows and trials, we attend as many matches and "show-and-go"s as time and money allow. We enjoy cross-training in different events and hope to develop the full potential of these multi-purpose Goldens. . Whether we are competing or just training, we aspire to create a partnership and teamwork that is a joy to watch.

A special thank-you to all the talented people I train with (OTCH, UDX, RAE5, AXJ, CT, JH, CH and GCH. dogs & handlers) who keep me focused & motivated. Thanks too, for your insights on Aussie Rescue, Beagle Agility, Border Collie Herding, Dane Breeding, Husky Sled Racing, Kerry Blue, Schipperke and Papillon Obedience, Keeshond Rally, Newfie Water Rescue, Toller Conformation, and most of all, for showing me that there is a world outside of Goldens.

I could not end this introduction without thanking the wonderful people that have mentored me along the way.

Your support and advice have been invaluable.

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