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7/15/18     American Bullmastiff Association    AKC Obedience Beginner Novice B 1st Leg   2nd Place   Now an AKC Achiever Dog, having qualified or had a placement in three sports- Conformation, Obedience and Rally

8/26/17     CDSP Obedience Starter Novice C  Trial 2   First Place   

8/26/17     CDSP Obedience Starter Novice C   Trial 1,  5th Leg   2nd Place  NewASN-C2 Title! 

06/18/17   CDSP Obedience  Starter Novice C   4th Leg toward ASN-C2 Title   4th Place  
06/18/17    CDSP Obedience  Starter Novice C  Third Leg toward ASN-C2 Title  Third Place

04/30/17   CDSP Starter Novice C  2nd Leg toward ASN-C2 Title  4th place
04/30/17   CDSP  Starter Novice C    1st Leg toward ASN-C2 Title  1st Place
04/23/17    CDSP Obedience  Advanced Starter Novice  5th Leg finished with (2) 1st place, (2) 2nd Place & (1) 4th Place New ASN-C Title!

03/19/17   Charles River Dog Training Club  Rally Advanced A 3d Leg  1st Place  New Title!
02//05/17  Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club   Rally Advanced A  2d Leg  3d Place

9/11/16   World Cynosport  Rally   Level 1 B  10th Leg-  Qualify  New RL1X Title!
9/10/16 Trial 2  World Cynosport Rally  Level 1 B  9th Leg-  Qualify
9/10/16   World Cynosport Rally Level 1 B   8th Leg- Qualify

08/28/16  CDSP Obedience  Starter Novice C  2nd Leg- 2d Place  (196.5)
08/27/16  CDSP Obedience  Starter Novice C  1st Leg- 1st Place (195)
08/27/16   CDSP Obedience  Starter Novice A  3d Leg- 2d Place (195)  New Title!

05/22/2016  World Cynosport Rally Level 1 (B)  7th Leg- 4th Place (202)
05/22/2016  World Cynosport Rally Level 1 (B)  6th Leg-  3d Place   (205)
05/21/2016  World Cynosport Rally  Level 1 (B)   5th Leg- 5th Place (201)

04/17/16  CDSP Obedience Trial  Starter Novice A  2nd Leg- 4th Place (191)
04/16/16  CDSP Obedience Trial  Starter Novice A   1st Leg- 2nd Place (197)

12/13/14  World Cynosport Rally  Level 1 (B)   4th RL1X Leg-  Qualify 
11/08/14- 11/09/14   World Cynosport Rally  Level 1 (B)   3 RL1X Legs-  Qualify

 9/26/2014   Wampanoag Kennel Club    Rally Advanced A  First Leg-   3d Place

11/10/2013   S2-World Cynosport Rally   3d Level l Leg- Qualify, 5th Place, Award of Excellence & New Title!
11/10/2013    World Cynosport Rally   2nd Level 1 Leg- Qualify
11/09/2013          World Cynosport Rally   1st Level 1 Leg-   Qualify

03/03/2013  Labrador Retriever Club of Gr. Boston   Rally Novice Title!     -Qualify
06/01/2012   Yankee Golden Retriever Club    Specialty     Amateur-Owner-Handler   1st Place
05/26/2012  Autumn Valley G.R.C.- PA.   Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA)   Passed   New GRCA Title!
 09/30/2011   Wampanoag Kennel Club    Rally    2nd Novice Leg  -Qualify
07/16/2011   New England Sporting Group Association   Match    BOB, Group 3
10/01/2010   Wampanoag Kennel Club   Rally    1st Novice Leg  -Qualify
08/14/2010   Silver City K9 Club   UKC    BOB & BOB, Group 1- New Champion!
06/27/2010   American Eskimo Dog Club of New England   UKC    BOB, BOB
06/26/2010   American Eskimo Dog Club Of N.E.   UKC     BOW, BOB, Group 3 & BOW, BOB, Group 1. 
06/05/2010   American Pit Bull Terrier Club Of New England   UKC    BOB, BOB
05/30/2010   Kenilworth Kennel Club Of CT.   Match    BOB, Group 3
05/01/2010   Apple Valley Rat Terrier Club   UKC    Reserve Best Male, Reserve Best Male
11/04/2009   Framingham District Kennel Club   Match    BOB, Group 3
10/04/2009   St. Hubert Kennel Club   Match   BOB, Group 2
05/29/2009   Yankee Golden Retriever Club    Specialty     Sweeps 15-18- 2nd Place, 12-18 mos.-  4th Place.
05/24/2009   Kenilworth Kennel Club of CT.    Match    BOB, Group 4
05/23/2009   South Windsor Kennel Club   Match    Open- 2nd Place
10/04/2008   Greater Lowell Kennel Club    Match    BOB puppy, Group 2
09/23-24/2008   The GRCA National- RI.   Specialty    Sweeps 6-9, Puppy 6-9, No Placements.
09/14/2008   Cape Cod Kennel Club       All-Breed    6-9 mos.-  1st Place
09/12/2008   South Shore Kennel Club    All-Breed    6-9 mos.- 1st Place
09/11/2008   Cape Cod Kennel Club         All- Breed    6-9 mos.- 1st Place
07/19/2008   New England Sporting Group Assoc.   Match    Puppy 3-6 mos. BOB, 1st cut in Group.
06/22/2008   South Shore Kennel Club    Match    Sweeps 3-6 mos.- made 1st cut, 3-6 mos. BOB Puppy. 


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